Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Website Renewal

Wellll, it had been a long while since I'd updated my sadly neglected website so I worked on that a bit today. Had to put a link to this blog after all!
But first I got distracted by an email in a journalling group about polaroid film transfers, and I remembered I have an old polaroid camera somewhere in the closet, so I had to of course instantly drop everything and go see if my camera would do the transfers or not. Well, after some experimentation I discovered that the answer to that is an emphatic and rather smelly no. Oh well, but I did get some cool textures to use in the next altered book that I work in.

Then I remembered that the Daily Show was on at 10am and I'd missed it last night, so I decided to actually turn on the tv during the day. Usually verboten for me! And as I was sitting down in my comfy chair, I realized I was about to sit upon my sewing kit and a quilt. That would have been a rather pointed reminder to watch where you land your arse. Oh yeah, I need to get the sleeve on my Sheela-na-gig quilt to send to the Myths and Legends show. Eeeek. So that was a good thing to do while I watched the antics on the snarkiest show on TV. Then all of a sudden it is time to go play bus driver and go to the post office to mail the quilt off to collect its well-deserved accolades, recognition in lieu of fame and fortune.

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