Friday, January 28, 2005

Eye Spy Hexagons

Eye Spy a bunch of 4" hexagons. These are for Jaye who is planning to make a quilt for her son. She gave me a Come Quilt With Me template in this size, so I would cut some out for her. She sends me Tumblers, I send her Hexagons. A nice way for us to do these charm type quilts out of our fabric stashes. I still have several conversational boxes of fabrics to go through to get all the bugs and frogs and other things that kids like. Oh, this is actually a set of templates with a triangle so that it is easier to sew together in rows. Sewing together hexagons is a bit fiddly. But Jaye is cutting those out in I don't know what color. Maybe I should do an Eye Spy quilt too and cut double. Hmmm, who needs a quilt? My boys already complain about "too many" quilts on their beds (heehee). Posted by Hello

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