Monday, January 24, 2005

Quilted, now what?

Most of the quilting done. You can really see the piggy spiral here. I added on the little hearts that were sprinkled on the original fabric. It seems that the right facing pigs and the left facing pigs were separated for a long time, and now they come together. What a love story. Or perhaps it is a Sneetches story? Stars on thars and all? The hearts, even though teeny tiny eentsy teentsy were EZ, since they were already fused. I love EZ. Now onto painting the pigstrips so that their hideousness doesn't split the marching pigs up again. Hopefully I'll dream of the title tonight, and hopefully I will NOT have nightmares about pigs. Posted by Hello

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Dara said...

OMG Julie - are you channeling Frank? So many projects and so much progress! I think you have given the pigs a fitting surface on which to stroll and meander. And great calendar piece! The colors are very inviting and appealing, and lots of movement. (ssssssssssshhhhhhhhhh - I also like the secret piece - sssshhhhhhh - it's a secret). Let us know when you get the title for the piggies (now everyone get out your copy of the White Album and sing along)