Monday, January 24, 2005

Cavorting Pigs

I woke up with these cavorting pigs on the brain (what a way to wake up, thanks a lot Frank!). I had an image of them massed in a couple of big groups, like a crowd of pigs waiting for something to *happen*. So with the assistance of some WonderUnder, now they are marching to my direction instead of higgeldy-piggedly(hah!). The other fabrics are scraps I found in the boxI just got from my friend Kay who moved recently and decided she doesn't need fabric in her life (she's a ceramic artist, but still, can you imagine a life without fabric!Heehee!). I love working with other people's scraps and making them work in my stuff. The purple moon is stuffed a bit, and it will be definitely be beaded with silvery beads. The dark green bit at the top used to be a curtain tieback I think, it has grommets on either end, which will require some kind of enhancing and embellishing of course, maybe tassels? Now I move onto the quilting! And then painting of the pigstrips. The challenge is that the fabric be 20% of the top. I think I'm over that. Posted by Hello

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