Friday, January 28, 2005

Feeling Blue

I spent a few hours getting the 8" squares cut and folded in quarters, ironed and ready to put on the 10" blue backgrounds. 36 of them from Jaye, then when I'm done sewing on the 8" squares, they go to Adrienne for her to apply 6" squares, then back to Jaye for 4" squares, she'll cut them in quarters and we each get the equivalent of 12 blocks, 48 pieces, 144 total. We each started with 36 blue background squares, so there will be a lot to play with at the end of this swap. This is for a new bullseye project. Last year it was "Seeing Red". This year it is "Feeling Blue" I love working with Jaye and Adrienne on these, they both have great fabric stashes, and wonderful color sense. Posted by Hello

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