Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Happy 2005!

Hard to believe that we made it through 2004. Some of us had a harder time than others, gulp. *Anyways!* Back to work after the fun of the holidays.
Printing out new Calls for Entries from new and old quilt shows. Getting them organized, making myself a To-Do list, and cleaning up the studio enough to be able to work. So far this year I've made the most of all the rainy days by staying inside and remembering my process. I was a little rusty on it. I really was rusty, after just a month away from not making stuff, I felt like the Tin Man in Oz, somebody oil me so I can get moving again!
So some pictures of recent stuff would be in order, right? After downloading the pictures off the digital camera, I am ashamed that I took so few pictures during our holiday celebrations. Sheesh, some mother I am. Well, we'll just have to *remember* how fun it was, right?!

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