Monday, October 03, 2016

More Input

I got the chance to work at the Santa Cruz FabMo distribution day last week and came away with a smallish sized bag full of goodies.
 This time there was a nice selection of modern looking, simple graphics in linen or linen/cotton. This is all going into a couch quilt to go with our lime green couches. The nice cuddly flannel one I have in there done in primary/brights doesn't go at all and it visually upsets me to see it. I love the idea of all this stuff getting used instead of being thrown away, go FabMo!
I scored a nice selection of Cotton & Steel prints purchased from the Quilt Show table at the Alden Lane Nursery Show. They were leftovers cuts from this year's block-of-the-month kit, being sold at cost, saved some $$ on these, yay!  I think I love the matches print the best.

Some new backing fabrics (i.e. fabrics I find at a comparatively cheap price that I like using for the backs of quilts because I don't have to worry about how much they cost) and a few more to add to the grey-yellow quilt project box, and disco witches just because.

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