Thursday, October 13, 2016

56/100 Blocks

I've kept up with making a daily block for the #100Days100Blocks project, and have passed the halfway mark.  Here's a catch-up post of all the blocks since I last posted. It's an absolute color riot up on the wall, and I love it.
 This is a very fussy looking block to me, and I'm bummed that the fabrics I picked don't show off all the piecing I had to do to make this one.
 I love how the variegation in my hand-dye works in this block.

 The only thing that matches is my blue hand-dye.
 That is one wild print isn't it?

 Happy with how the prints play together with the blue and purple.
 Kind of boring block, but I'm happy with how the blues match up.
 Too many teeny tiny triangles.
 I liked using three shades of purple in this one.
Because there's always more than one raccoon!


Lesly Welsh said...

I love your blocks! Very nice. And yes there is always more than one raccoon. ;)

Jaye said...

UGH! Raccoons!

I have only made about 35 so far, but I really have to get them all up on tje wall to see how they look. I love the color riot you have created.

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

Thank you Lesly! And you would know very well about the raccoon situation...

Jaye, I'm glad you like the color riot and that you're making more of the blocks.