Tuesday, October 11, 2016

CQFA Round Robin

 As part of the most recent CQFA meeting some of us participated an instant round-robin. We made a  starter piece that would travel around the room getting added to in each round. Maureen picked an inspiration word for each round. So here is my start of Juxtapose. Three of the pieces of fabric were selected from the FabMo bins that surrounded us.

And here is how mine ended up looking at the end of all the rounds. It's very freeing and fun to do these exercises with CQFA, there's not a lot of pressure because it's not meant to become anything, although sometimes it does. It's all about the improvisation and the just-do-it experimentation.
 I tried to take before and after pictures as I received each piece but I wasn't always successful, getting caught up in the creative spirit isn't good for that sort of thing. But that's okay.
So here was Jen's starter piece that was inspired by Juxtapose. I was the first to work on it using the word Motion.
 I ironed random folds to make a mountain range to travel up and over, somehow going up and over seemed to go with the amount of motion that was already in the piece. I inset it into Jen's piece and then had to stabilize it on the grey background that I added.
 I just had to hope it made some sense to the next people...

Here's how it ended up after all the rounds.

This one was really fun to work on.

This is how it ended up after all the rounds. I added the green polka dot and the blues for the word Symbolize, meant to symbolize ground and water features.
 I added the bottom section for the word Fragments, this piece came to me already looking like a house, so I added on what fragments of ancient cultures might have been built over.

 A close up of the embroidery stitches I did.

I love how this one turned out in the end!

 I added the pieced border on the bottom for the word Geometric.

 And here was one I didn't even get a chance to work on.

One of the best parts was the piece of paper that went around with your piece that everyone wrote on explaining what they did and why for each round. Fun to get a glimpse into other artists' thought processes.  I glue-sticked in bits of the fabrics that I used in my starter piece.

Thanks for walking us through this fun round robin Maureen!


Jaye said...

It is interesting to see the pieces and read the words that inspired them

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

Good! I'm glad you enjoyed checking it out, I bet you would have liked doing this round robin.