Monday, November 11, 2013

Another Notan Challenge

Another small-group challenge, Notan again, expanding the square was our assignment, along with some embellishment. I looked at my favorite of the paper exercises we did last time and took note of what I liked and didn't like. Didn't like how it went off the page.This was the new one. Whoops! Off the edge of the page. But I liked a lot of the elements and how the design worked together. But I did not want to try and copy it exactly, so this was a warm-up.

I decided to try working with leather and chose a nice deep black, rough on one side and fairly smooth on the other.

 The first two cuts, and it looks like a christmas ornament or maybe a lemon. I used gluestick to hold down the pieces in place.
 I tried to take a picture at each step so I could un-do something I didn't like.
 First one
 And then another.
 Ahhh, almost off the edge.
 Another ornament on the side, or chili pepper I suppose.
 Partially quilted, not free-motion, so the spirals are very wonky.

 And all done. I think I'll add some hand-stitches in white embroidery thread in the center of the square.
I really wanted the square to still be there in my final design and I think I achieved that. And I didn't go off the edge!
Others in the group made some great things, here's a picture of all four of ours together:
 Dolores Miller on the upper right, Maureen Lardie on the lower right, and Geri Patterson-Kutras on the lower left.

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