Thursday, November 14, 2013

Note From The Management

Big News: I'm moving to China for a year with my husband, and I've set up a blog to capture all the day to day living in another country stuff. If you're interested you can check that out here at Travels With Scissors.  So far it's just pre-trip countdown activity.

I'll still be posting quilting and art related stuff right here. Yes, my sewing machine and related items are traveling with me, I didn't think I'd be able to last a year without them you know? It will interesting to see how and if living in another country influences my work. I can guess at how some things will be affected, but I'm imagining there will be other changes that I won't notice until after I'm back. Blogging has always been about documenting my process and evolution, so that will continue.

(All of the above assumes that I can figure out how to get past the Great Firewall and all that assorted fun stuff.)

Deciding what to bring with me to work on has been a real challenge, and I know that I'll be wishing I had one thing or another. But having to make do and figure out another way to get something done will be a good exercise and hopefully a good learning experience.

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