Friday, November 15, 2013

PIQF Purchases

PIQF was great this year, so many familiar faces, new and old quilts. Noticed lots of birds and squids (?!) on many quilts. I didn't upload any of my quilt pictures this year, sorry.
And it's always a good excuse to buy some new quilting supplies because there are so many vendors all in one place.
I always have to get something Halloween related since the show is around that time and I'm in the mood, this time it was these great vintage Halloween postcards printed on fabric

A new ruler for shapes I hardly ever use, the Hex n More by Jaybird Quilts, I've been wanting to try block making with them. There are a lot of quilt designs that use this ruler and I'll have to pick one.

 Fun fabrics that I don't have a specific use for, just really liked them, especially this last torn newspaper collage print.
A swivel clip d-ring that I need to make a new bag at some point.

Wool thingies to take with me to China because they're lightweight and fun colors.Big felted balls.

As well as smaller ones. And wool circles, why not?

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