Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Screwy Explanation

Why the big gap in posting between September and November? I had this hardware removed, from my hip.

Don't look at the picture if you don't want the gory details!

And I guess it's taking longer and longer for me to come back to myself after surgery, part of getting older, and so many general anesthesia I think. Having something coherent to say is a challenge for quite a while post-surgery for me so I just went quiet for awhile.

It's kind of cool seeing the hardware in person, after just seeing it on x-rays. It's very heavy for its size (titanium I believe) and utterly smooth. It's surprising that something so small could hold such a major bone together. Looking at it and visualizing how it was situated there on the outside and inside of my bone explains a whole lot of why I had such pain going on the last nine months. Like my surgeon said, some people can tolerate these plates and screws with no problem, and some can't.

Now to figure out how to use this in a quilt somehow. (And put off a hip replacement for as long as possible...)

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