Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Day 3 of Labor Day Sew In

I finally finished the iron tote. Without benefit of the lost buttonhole foot, so please don't look too closely as they're half-assed satin stitched. It's not like I do a lot of buttonholes, so I really don't have a clue where it is.  I have a vague recollection of my machine foot/needle box getting dropped and the contents flew everywhere, so it is probably hiding someplace super weird. Maybe I'll find it when I rearrange my work space (a huge upcoming project).
So it fits, but the folds are goofy, turns out that the pattern I used (very unclear directions!) really could have used an overall diagram for the angled stitching lines for the corners. I don't want to un-stitch it because the stitch holes will be in the pressing surface that's on the inside.
So it's a little lumpier than it is supposed to be.  I think it looks mad in this picture.
I'm still glad I made one, but I won't recommend the pattern to you unreservedly. But next time I go to a class or a retreat, I will have a pressing surface in case there are no ironing boards, and I will be able to put my still-hot iron in the car without worrying about burning up my car upholstery.

I also made one set of ATC's which I can't show until after the Saturday CQFA meeting, and got a start on a largish new quilt made entirely from one of my scrap bins that is not at all ready for a picture  quite yet. More on that one later.
All in all, it was fun to participate in this sew-in, the people were really nice, making interesting quilts and other things, and even though I didn't chat all that much, it still felt like I had some company sewing along with me.


Jaye said...

One of the reasons I adore you is because you make comments like "I think it looks mad in this picture."

Sounds like you need an Accuquilt Go to cut up those scraps. ;-)

Lunch Saturday, right?

Jan said...

What a wonderful iron tote and double duty as an ironing surface?! Great idea.
Thanks for your comments on my blog post about Anne.