Monday, September 02, 2013

Day 2 of Labor Day Sew In

Sunday I started making an insulated iron tote, from a pattern no less. I'd had all the ingredients for it sitting on my worktable for quite a while taking up too much room. And I got it all done pretty quickly except for the fastening bits where I was stopped in my tracks looking for four largish buttons. First I tried non-matching but I didn't really like this look.

Then I got obsessed with finding four that matched and had to re-sort a large part of my button drawer. "Somebody" had dumped one of the larger containers and the bottom of the drawer was a sea of loose buttons.  An hour later I found these black ones that have lovely etched designs on them. But then I couldn't find my buttonhole foot, and gave up sewing for the day. So much getting tons done on the second day of the Labor Day Sew-In.

Another potential fabric painted for ATC's, this time with Tsunienko inks.

I really like having a colorful clothesline.

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