Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Unleashing The Rainbow

Time to unleash the rainbow and do some painting with some new paints. Jacquard Traditional Textiles, which I've never tried before.

I chose a piece of woven tapestry weight, yet soft upholstery free fabric. It has a nice woven-in pattern.
I started out with the lightest color first, yellow. The paint is really intense and a bit thick, so I dabbed it on and then added water.

Adding more colors and seeing how they flow together and change.
My thinking/painting face.
Almost done, and look at that muddy water. I'm liking how the pigment is gathering in some spots according to the woven design of the fabric.
And here it is all done. I was going to make ATC's with it, but I decided against it for several reasons:
  • just too pretty to cut up
  • a much thicker fabric than I usually use for ATC's
  • kind of loosely woven (will probably shred when cut)
  • the colors are too spread out to read well in ATC size.

Spoken like a true fabric hoarder huh?


Jan said...

Yes, it is too beautiful to cut up, must save for something very special!! It will be perfect for something some day.

Cat said...

Can you say cushion cover?