Monday, July 26, 2010

Four More Collected

Trading more ATC's was one of the fun things we got to do at the recent CQFA meeting. Here are the four that I collected. I'm getting quite the collection now as we trade every meeting. I have them in plastic baseball card collector pages in a binder, they're really fun to page through and check out. I really enjoy having these little bits of art from my creative friends.
This first one is from Bron, using several cool fabrics she snagged at FabMo. I really liked the metallic fabric on there , she gave me a little piece of it to play with. It is very bendy in that strange way that metallic fabrics have. And I just noticed this picture is upsidedown, as the word stamped saying "Space" is the wrongwayround.
Next is one from Dolores using some fabric she recently hand marbled using shaving cream and fabric inks. I really like the delicateness of the fabric. How do you like those see-through letters? Cool huh?
Nancy was inspired from the black and white design ideas class I taught at the May CQFA meeting and continued on in the smaller ATC format.
And last but not least, Reva did this great flower blossom on a beautiful vibrant green background. I love all the little details, especially the cool threads that she used.

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