Saturday, July 03, 2010

Of Course I Voted!

Here is week 22, of the year long six-word memoir quiltlet a week project. Utilizing the voting receipt and "I Voted" sticker to commemorate the big happening of the week.
I love sewing through paper, how it sounds and how it looks. I know it isn't the most stable and long-lived manner of attaching paper to fabric, but I like the immediacy of just sewing it right on.
The words say: "Of Course I Voted! Did You?"


Jaye said...

This is a great way to commemorate voting. I always wear the voting sticker and then put it in my journal. I love your quilt!

Jan said...

Hi Julie, I have just gone back to view several posts of yours that I missed. That is great that you are continuing on this course of weekly quilting progress. It will be so cool to look back on these little 6 word quilts and remember what your incentive was for each.
Glad your husband is home, what a pair you two are. Like two peccaries in a pod;-) I definitely can see the relation between the peccary photo and the similar texture photo.

Love that bamboo flooring. I want it.

The Sunset open house tour looks like it was fun and interesting. I like the teardrop trailer. For two little people like me and my SO it would be perfect. Not that we ever go anywhere, but if we did.....