Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Seaweed Pringles? Why Not?

Seaweed Pringles? Really? Haven't seen these in your grocery store I bet. These are from the WalMart in Shenzhen, China where my husband buys his drinking water when he's staying there for work. He knows I like Pringles, and seaweed, so this last trip I talked him into bringing me back a tube of them.
Aren't they a strange color? They are still the usual perfect Pringles shape that conforms to your tongue, but with a unexpectedly pleasant lightly sweet and seaweed-ish salty flavor.
Don't read the ingredient list,. you don't want to know what food colors are in there to make these babies so green. Allura Blue? Great name, wonder what it is though. Here you can see how fancy these package is, with holographic rainbows scattered all over the green label.
I have no idea how these picture occurred, I must have been under the influence of these strange and exotic treats!

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Cat said...

Very yummy looking!
I've moved back to Cat's World as my mum prefers it (she's a technophobe).
Best wishes Knittnkitten (who may take that quilt making class this fall.)