Friday, July 09, 2010

One Square Foot

I started this small quilt , "Repaired" (it is 12x12") in the hopes of having it done in time to donate for the SAQA benefit auction. I didn't quite get it completed by the deadline, but it is done now. Although I do admit I may add some additional embellishments to it.
Here it is before any additional stitching or embroidery was added. Looks really different doesn't it?
Some closeups of the embroidery stitches I used.
One of my favorite kind of weird stitch adaptations I like to use this diamond (or the small circle stitch), then raise the presser foot, pull over to where I want another stitched and not cut the thread in-between. Gives an interesting more graphic and complex look without any extra work (hurrah for that!).


Jan said...

Nice work, Julie.
Hey, I was thinking of you as I listened to the archived concert from the 2010 Bonnaroo festival by the Dave Matthews band. I thought you might enjoy it too if you aren't already aware of it. You can find all the available concerts here:

Jaye said...

Amazing what an additional element stitching adds to a piece. I can never imagine what the piece will look like after stitching is added.