Monday, January 04, 2010

Utilizing The Unusual

I'm challenging myself to use a lot of different materials this year in the art that I create. I know, I know, I already do that, but it is my intention that I will be make it a real emphasis this year. I'm interested in exploring what else I can incorporate into the work that I already like to make.

One of the first things that caught my eye to use is this braided fiberglass rope which is used as a gasket for woodstove glass. We had to replace our woodstove glass window as it got cracked by a falling piece of wood. Unfortunately the initial measurement made for the replacement was off by half an inch so it didn't fit. This rope comes with a sticky side made for adhering to the glass so that it is sealed into the woodstove door. It wouldn't have worked a second time, so when we got the glass recut to the correct side we got some more of the rope. And I snagged the used once only and not-sticky-enough-anymore rope for my unknown-at-this-time artistic pursuits.

I may use it as a surface design tool, perhaps as a new rope-wrapped stamp. Or it may be a design element, part of a border, maybe an edge treatment, or cut up into pieces for embellishing. We will see what I come up with!

Coiled up like this it reminds of a cross between my favorite cat Hobbes who was this exact grey color and a garden snake. She would have made a great snake as she was one of those cats that love to spend a lot of time weaving their way in and out and around and through your legs. I am glad that snakes are not in actuality furry. Because that would just be weird, scales are strange enough.


Jaye said...

My immediate thought was something old sea/ mariner related.

I also though of it as a frame or a border enclosing in the piece.

Deborah said...

many possibilities

Jaye said...

Today I wondered what would happen if you took it apart?