Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Museum Inspiration

I am finding inspiration in strange places these days. Can you guess what this is?
Yes, it is the back of a massive computer, a big mass of wires. I took these photos at the Computer History Museum last weekend. We were there for a birthday bash for a friend of my husband's and got to go around and look at the exhibits. They have everything there from abacuses to Atari's to super computers. Really interesting and fun to see things I've either used (Atari tape drive and Pong!) or that I've read about (Eniac). I'm glad someone thought to save all this stuff and put it on exhibit.
This terminal looked so much like a face to me.

But this was my favorite of all. It looks like Japanese art to me, or just an artfully arranged pile of hanks of sashiko threads.

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