Monday, January 11, 2010

Squids Will Be Squids

Have you noticed that squids seem to be talked about a lot more than usual lately? Lots of tv shows feature them, how hard the giant ones are to research, giant squids vs. giant shark monster movies, news stories about squids taking over in unusual places because of the warming oceans. etc. etc. This book pictured here, Squids Will Be Squids (Picture Puffins) was one of my favorites to read to my boys when they were younger, it is an absurdist, highly sarcastic, wry approach to Aesop's Fables type of stories.

I find them endlessly fascinating and always have to be pulled away from the squid tanks at aquariums. The way they move, the inventiveness of their body structure, their delicate strength, all of it makes squids one of my favorite creatures to watch or learn about.

I didn't ever consciously realize it, but I have always wanted clothing with squids on it. This realization became an imperative when I recently found some fabric that has some lovely blue and gold squids on an earthy/rusty orange/brown background from Heather Ross.

With the contrasting kelp forest fabric it will make a great: The shorter tunic on the left.
Time for trying out a new pattern. I had good success with the last Indygo Junction pattern I tried, so here goes.

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Dave said...

Since you like squids, I thought you'd enjoy this. Not sure if you get Leo in your paper, but he's got a pet giant squid.

The SF Chronicle carries it but I read it online.

There's something so sweet about this comic:

Besides, the last time we got snow in Saratoga, weren't you in 5th-6th grade?