Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rainbow Nails

I encountered this display of Sally Hansen HD nail polish and was surprised by this color range. They've got them all! I think the only one that would be strange would be yellow. They're pretty true, vibrant, vivid, bright colors though and they made me happy to see the rainbow spread out in Longs (now CVS, R.I.P. Longs Drug Store, I'll miss you.) Makes me wonder if you can do art with these polishes? Do the colors combine well? Would they last or would they quickly degrade whatever you've painted them on? hmmmmmm. According to the ad the secret ingredient in these "high definition" colors is: "Special Ingredients:Real Liquid Crystals "

I've written before about my thing about nail polish. And how I keep buying it, even though I can't keep nail polish actually on my fingernails in anything resembling a decent manicure for more than about 15 minutes maximum. I do like always having color on my toenails, and have a better track record with keeping those presentable for a bit longer.

I used to always do my nails when I was a work-in-the-office type, and was much better at maintaining a manicure. But now that I'm home and using my hands in a much more shall we say *active* way, the need for an ever present manicure just isn't there anymore. But the need to buy the nailpolish is for some strange reason. One of those habits I still have, but haven't really worried about getting rid of it. Luckily little bottles of nail polish don't take up a lot of room like the other things that I like to buy or collect even though I don't really need them.


lesthook said...

I don't do my nails very often but a few years ago I had some yellow polish and for some reason it made me really happy to look down and see my pretty yellow nails,LOL!

Karoda said...

The real burning question I have is are you going to experiment with them in textile art????? ummm, or how about on watercolour paper????

Lunaea said...

This is why I use acrylics on my nails, so the polish lasts a long time (two weeks is usual) and they still look nice even when you actually use your hands. And of course, it's fun to buy polish. :-)