Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beginning the Yin and the Yang

Well the two fabrics have been cut for my yin-yang bag. I haven't actually started sewing anything together quite yet. But all the pieces are ready to go, the instructions have been read and re-read, the thread has been chosen.

The stripe fabric is one of those heavy woven Guatemala, I got it back in December off the remnant table, and which as I now read what I wrote back then, I was thinking of using it for making a chair cover for my studio...oops. Well, guess I'll have to find something else to make a chair cover.
The green starburst is from the same Moda "Urban Couture" line that my dress that I'm working on right now is from. I used the yellow though in the dress. I thought the green looked good with the green in the stripe fabric. I am somewhat hesitant to use a quilting weight cotton and a heavy woven cotton together in this bag. I think they might wear very differently. Hopefully not toooo differently.


Margi said...

I see you have the yin-yang bag pattern. Have you sewn it yet? I've been debating on this pattern as I love the bag itself but I'm thinking it is more difficult than it looks. Let me know what you think of it OK.

Jamie Kalvestran said...

I can't wait to see either! Is it finished?