Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Patterns In The Garden

My favorite roses are blooming again. This picture doesn't show the range of color in this one blossom, which goes from orange through peach to pinky yellow. I love how they look with some water droplets on the petals.

This tight swirled bud is already fully open today. Flowers move really fast when you aren't sitting there watching them.

Here is how my vegie garden looks since I cleaned it up. Just nod appreciatively, I'm sure you can notice (hah!). Strawberries on the right, with copper tape supposedly keeping the slugs out. Then arugula, tomatoes, the crazy parsley/anise/chives patch. Very unruly, but all useful.
On the left in the foreground are some irises that I've been saying I'll move for about 5 years now. Sigh. Then there is the horseradish patch that would not die. I've dug it out twice now, and it keeps coming back. I'm officially giving up and just will enjoy the roots and spicy leaves. In the sections you can't see, I've planted edamame, beans, peas, basil and dill.

I was looking at the fig leaves on our tree closely yesterday. The tree is right next to the laundry line, so I'm out there a lot these days. And I thought, I would totally buy a purse made to look like this. I wonder if anyone has ever done a leaf "leather" print like this? With the veins and everything doesn't it look just like some nice vinyl? Guess I may just be wanting a green purse...

This really looks like animal skin doesn't it? Or even mine, if I was as green as Elpheba. I love noticing how patterns are used and re-used out there in Nature. Never use a great design just once, right?!

The clematis that has survived several years now is really going extra crazy with tons of flowers. It has spread out on the top of the fence about 8', pretty cool! I love to see the big swath of PURPLE out there against the dark redwoods green.

Summer is starting out nice and slow. And that is just fine by me. More time for being outside in the garden!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Absolutely stunning! Wish I was there to see this all in person!!!

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Jaye said...

Love the rose, especially seeing the dew drops.

I also LOVE the closeup of the leaf and think your idea of a purse with the vein design on it.
PS the comment above mine seems to be spam. You might want to delete it.

Jaye said...

The leaf would also be a good starting point for a doodle.