Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Unfortunately, Julie

Oh dear, this is yet another fun use of Google. Thanks to Diane at Going to Pieces for passing it on.

Try googling this phrase: "Unfortunately (insert your name)" and see what you come up with.

Some of the funniest ones I found are:

Unfortunately, Julie lost her role when it was discovered that she had posed for Playboy magazine.
(oh no the truth is out !)

Unfortunately, Julie is a completely repulsive, unappealing and vulgar human being known to man.
(Yikes, don't hold back now)

Unfortunately, Julie was not able to continue her level 10 success in 2007 due of broken leg.
(So much for level 10 success)

Unfortunately, Julie’s environmental illness ended her art career.
(oh dear, that isn't too auspicious is it?!)

Unfortunately Julie sat on them during a break and we had to do a lot of gluing to get them back together.
(I hate it when I do that)

Unfortunately, Julie couldn't resist and found herself having an affair with Franco.
(ahem, I don't know anyone named Franco)

Unfortunately, Julie was recently informed that most of the cats had been poisoned over a period of a few days.
(my goodness that's horrible!)

Unfortunately, Julie got the boot (too early, in my opinion).
(yeah really!)

Unfortunately, Julie couldn't do anything about my slight bald spot and receding hairline.
(you're on your own there, bub)

Unfortunately, Julie's return home wasn't a time for celebration. Instead, she was accused of shooting Senator Mark.
(Who knew I was so violent?)

Unfortunately, Julie's skin turned a nice shade of red, instead of glistening in the sun like a true vampire.
(my other secret is out, now you know why I read all those vampire books)

Reminds me of the one I did a couple years ago, where you google: "(your name) needs" that one was hilarious!


Vicky said...


This is my first time visiting your blog and I loved today's post. I tried it with my name and got some really funny ones. Thanks for the idea.

Great blog!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

This is absolutely priceless!!! I'm dead afraid of what would come up if I Googled that with my name, because some of it might really be TRUE!!!! ;)

dave said...

Loved the Playboy one. Now if it had only been in the old SHS band uniform... ;)

Best I got was "Unfortunately, David's Hand Not Bitten Off by Alligator" :p

Terry Davis said...

Hi Julie,

I recently met Jaye at a quilting class. She mention the art quilting guild. I am interested in attending your next meeting. How do I go about "inviting" myself?


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Julie, check this link on my blog--


Wendy said...

This is funny. I just saw the "needs" meme and tried to do it but I kept getting a whole bunch of other blogs in which someone was doing the same thing. So I changed it up a bit to "(your name) sees". That one works really well, too.

I like yours better though!