Sunday, March 01, 2009

Down At The Ol' LQS

LQS is an acronym for Local Quilt Shop (Shoppe, Store). And mine is Judy's Sewing in Scotts Valley. These two pictures were recently recovered from my old cell phone (the one that took an ill-advised detour into the toilet, don't ask). The cell phone doesn't work, but the teeny tiny SD card decided to work after a couple months of drying out. How about that ? Miracles of technology and all, which are usually utterly defeated by just a little bit of water.So last summer I walked into Judy's and there was my friend, Terri Thayer's first quilting mystery book, Wild Goose Chase: A Quilting Mystery prominently displayed. I was thrilled and rearranged stuff so you could see the book a bit better. Her second book in the series came out Old Maid's Puzzle: A Quilting Mystery (Quilting Mysteries) .

I find them to be much better reading than the Chiavarini quilting books, maybe because I know the author, but definitely because I like the writing and characters and setting a whole lot more.

I'm looking forward to the third one coming out in April, Ocean Waves: A Quilting Mystery . It is fun knowing a published author, we all were quizzing her during the CQFA retreat about the whole writing/publishing thing, very cool. We were full of suggestions for characters and ways to kill off people related to quilting, which she very gracefully and bemusedly listened to.

And another thing that caught my eye in the quilt store was this baby toy to sew. You know those plastic stacker toys, this one is made with high contrast fabric donuts, the pattern is by Heather Bailey. I might just have to make one for my new niece to be, brother and sister-in-law are expecting soon!


jovaliquilts said...

Just saw Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist, so dropping the cellphone in the toilet made me think of that... I've never been tempted to read a Chiavarini book, but I'll give your friend's book a try.

Laume said...

I had no idea there was another quilting novel series out there! Yah! I'll go check and see if I can get the first book lickety split! How fun that you know the author. May be one those ideas you all offered will someday turn up in one of the stories.

I haven't been in a quilt store in ages. Not that I need any fabric, nor even have much of a longing to visit one. If I was gonna buy art supplies these days, I'd be buying paper or glue or something I think.