Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sing It Out Loud

Here is a fairly recent visual journal page that I did. Most of it came from a calendar page. I was really struck by the vertical seed stalks marching across a blue sky and bird just singing his little heart out to whoever happens to hear. The background is from the rest of the page just torn up and rearranged. There was too much white blank page left, so I added some colored pencil. It makes for a very different picture, not as stark, but conveying more of the musicality of the moment.
There is a short poem entitled "Madrigal" in the lower right. And a small word that says "Songs" on the upper left. The poem and word are from a small volume of poetry that I bought for a quarter at the used store (that's what we call a thrift store or op shop), it looks like it was probably a 1950's schoolkid's poetry book, and has quite a range of works in it Shakespeare on up to Frost. I find that I use it frequently in collage and journalling. It wasn't in the best shape when I bought it, all marked up in many spots, but most of it is useable. When a book is kinda trashed already, it makes it easier to tear it up and use/misuse parts of it! Plus I like that the paper is kind of yellowy, which probably means bad things re: acidity, oh well. I don't think this type of collage work is meant to stick around very long.


Spokane Gal said...

That is a lovely page Julie.

susan in spokane

Deirdre said...

I can almost hear the singing!
:-D eirdre