Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Used to Love My Garden

here is the card I made to accompany a collaborative piece that is being sent around amongst several textile artists from around the world. We are working in the Exquisite Corpse tradition, covering up our work except for a margin around two edges to give a clue to the next artist to add to the piece. We each have a theme though to help with inspiration and direction, mine is "What is your definition of a weed?"
I was inspired by my garden or ahem, weed collection.
Thus the poem:

"I Used to Love my Garden" by C.P. Sawyer
I used to love my garden
But now my love is dead
For I found a bachelor's button
In black-eyed Susan's bed.

There are six artists in each group so it will be a while until I see my piece again. The rules are firm that I am not to post a picture of my original piece (no spoilers!), so I won't do that til I get mine back once more. It is very intriguing to look at the first piece I've gotten to work on, and to wonder what is going on with the starting design under that covering fabric. Very mysterious and very fun too!

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What a lovely tour.