Monday, September 10, 2007

A Box of Green

I'm participating in a round-robin swap based on the ideas in the very cool book about collaborative art journals, True Colors. Each artist chose a color, or group of colors for their "theme".
This first picture shows the top of my "book", which is actually a gigantic metal Altoids tin, about 6"wide by 10"high. I covered the top with fabric and lots o' glue, and beaded on some Ultrasuede which also got glued on.
Here's a closeup of the beads. These word beads are cool, but they have a different word on the other side! So I had to trap them so they wouldn't switch around and say something really weird...
Here's the bottom of the box, which I used matte gel medium to glue the tissue paper and magazine photo on. I liked how the matte gel looks when it dries all the way.
This is what the inside of the tin looks like. On the left is the sign-in pocket (a library pocket), with green cards all ready for the artists to sign and alter. The cards on the right are cut to the shape of the box, wrapped with instructions in ribbon, to help get them in and out of the box.
This is one of the cards that I did. I've been saving this picture for a long time, and finally I had a chance to use it! Something from Alaska native ceremonies out of National Geographic if I recall correctly.

I won't see this box for about a year as it travels around the country through our group, it is exciting to get a new book to work on every month and to imagine what everyone else is doing to my box of green!

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Deirdre said...

The Green BOX looks great! I can't wait until my turn to play in the grass!

I posted photos of my True Colors start - Blue Circle - on my blog

:-D eirdre