Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hometown Swap

I was so very lucky and excited to receive this wonderful package from Shelley, of the blog At Home in Rome out of the Hometown Swap on Create a Connection.
She sent me a bag of coffee,and a recipe for Coffee Granita (you make ice slush out of coffee, sounds yummy!),

some reaalllly strong (stronger than Altoids!) mints,

photo-cards that she made out of picture she's taken in and around Rome,

a printed tea towel with a map of Italy and all the locales of Italian Vini e Pasta (wine and pasta), all wrapped up in a Rome newspaper. Which I made a point out of reading out loud to my boys. "Mom, you don't really speak Italian, stop it!" I really liked the weather maps in the newspaper.

Ahhhh, it was just like being back in Rome. Watch out Shelley, next time I come, I'll meet you for some Granita! Thanks!!!


Jone said...

I am so happy your partner followed through. Mine asked for my address but I have yet to see anything. Weird. Thank you for hosting the swap.

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

So glad that the package made it, as you know I don't have 100% faith in the Italian postal system! ;-) Especially in the vacation summer months!

I'm happy you enjoyed the package. The swap was fun and I got a lovely package from my partner as well. Thanks for hosting!