Monday, July 02, 2007

Elemental Wondering

As part of the July assignment for Self Portrait Challenge, we're supposed to show the elements, air, fire, earth, water, how we relate to them, which is our favorite, etc.
I couldn't decide on my favorite, and I'm not sure I do have a favorite, one that I'm drawn to or destined for, or whatever. I'm a seeker after balance, and part of balance is having all the elements at once, in a balanced manner. This is hard when you aren't aware of it. I always thought of myself as a really fiery, tempestous type of character. But after a lot of inner work, I discovered that I'm really quite grounded to the Earth. But I am happy with water, and spend a lot of time in the air too. So working towards a balance of elements is what I am striving for really. I'm glad I got the prompt to think about this!
Which element are you most drawn to?


Miriam said...

I'm with you on the indecision!

Deb said...

blurp, splash, bubble bubble, splosh.
quick, my gills are drying out!

Melba said...

Interesting post! I try to stay awake and not get out of balance. I think it is a constant...mmmm....not struggle because it is part of life forever....More like something I am constantly aware of.


Deb R said...

I try for balance too, but am not so sure I'm very successful at it.

Looking forward to seeing how you explore the other elements too!

Joy Madison said...

I'm with you, I'm always trying to balance everything!!! I'm doing one of each too:)