Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Flower Power

A tour through my garden to see what is blooming these very hot days (over 100F today!).

Pincushion flower which regrew from last year. These are so cheery and cute.

A shady daisy.

These old-fashioned flowers are some of my favorites in the garden. Acanthus (or bear's breech). They're so tall and stately, and the enormous deep green leaves look like something from back in the dinosaur ages.

I love how these roses grow in a bunch like this. They keep getting pruned back in this area, so grow really close together as if they've been assembled in a bouquet.

The enormous butterfly bush is swarming with butterflies these days. It is about 10' high now.

These columbines start out much more colorful, then fade away as they age. I love how they reseed themselves.

Look at the closeup of this picture, I love the repeating structure of this flower.

Happy 4th of July!


Deirdre said...

Fun Flowers Julie! What is the white one on the bottom - its labeled Cotton?

I wish I could post flower photos too, but the damn deer have chomped off every flower except for the hydranga - I better take photos tomorrow!

:-D eirdre

Laume said...

I might have to do a flower tour as well.

I wish I could get a butterfly bush to survive up here - I lost several over the years from the cold. Ditto with Rosemary. Now I grow Rosemary as an annual and gave up on the buddleia.