Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Here's a smorgasboard catch-up of photos from "lately":
First up, a necklace given to me by Lunaea, she got it by mistake and thought it looked like the art I make. Thanks Lunaea, I'm enjoying wearing it very much. I am not enjoying sleeping in it however, oops, won't make that mistake again!

The challenge: How many centers of Newman O's Mint Chocolate (Oreo look-a-likes) can one stack? Twelve was the answer. Yes, he was able to eat the whole thing at once. (wow!).
And yes all the chocolate cookie parts got snarfed up too.
As you can see we are quickly running out of things to do this summer.
Thank Goddess it is August!

I had a few minutes on my own last week so I dashed into the Bead Nook in Felton and found a watch to bead into a bracelet or key fob. A recycled glass pendant in red. A red glass etched marble from China. And some bone beads fashioned into dice. Cool stuff huh?

Then I toddled down a couple stores to Luminous Threads and snapped up some sale fabrics. A really unique Egyptian print, a Buddha collage print (this one felt more respectful than some others I 've seen), a stripey/blocky print, and two colorways of a stretched-polka-dot-ish print.
It is so nice to have these two stores close together, and nearby too. If only there was a used bookstore and a music store too. Nope, gotta drive 15 more minutes for that to Santa Cruz.

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