Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Birthday Girl Dyeing

My real reason for getting going on dyeing again, was the recent second birthday of my niece, Meytal. The hats I did for her last year are of course too small now.
Turns out she was especially fond of these socks I dyed for her! She sat down and tried them all on, including running up and down the hallway. They seemed to suit her. And it certainly made it worthwhile for me as a dyeing gift-giver. Nothing like the immediate feedback from a two year old!
Check out the girly flouncy layers. But still comfy as a t-shirt. I was happy with how the colors mixed on this one.
Here is the complete green, blue, yellow ensemble. I thought the yellow hat and dress shoulders would help her stand out in a crowd. I chose this t-shirt dress because of the nice big pockets on the skirt and the floppy bucket hat was made out of a comfy, soft cotton knit. Good old Dharma Trading, they have such good stuff to dye!

It is fun dyeing for such a sweet little girl!


Melba said...

I Love dyeing! Ok...I have only done it once in collage, but I have all the supplies in the basement. ~new supplies...not 20 year old supplies ;) I think your stuff turned out so cool!


Deirdre said...

Did you get any photos of the birthday girl in her new fashions?

I love Dharma's stuff I still wear some shirts from over 20 years ago!