Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Bag, Finally

Here it is, the long-awaited, finally-done, "spring" bag. Yes, done just in time for the end of Summer. At least it isn't quite Fall yet, right?
I bought the fabric way back in April, and the Sewing Workshop L2 Bag pattern in May.

What was the holdup? Well, hmmm. I'm not sure really. I guess I got it cut out in June, started sewing it, realized I didn't have the iron-on interfacing or stabilizing stuff, had to find some, then I needed some ultrasuede in the right color. Anyhoo, after several stops and starts it went together super easily, and I can't wait to transfer my stuff into it and begin using it already!

And here is the super cool, full-'O-pocketsessss, contrasting inside.
I used a Clover magnetic catch, which was super easy, and it looks good, and holds well.

Guess I better get started on my Winter bag, right?


Deirdre said...

Great bag! and unless the colors are really different than they photograph (it looks olive colored), then it would make a great fall/winter bag!

:-D eirdre

Jaye said...

Wonderful bag. It looks very professional. Spring will come around next year.