Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Snap Decisions

More getting to know you for Create a Connection, this month hosted by Swampgrrl.

Answer the following questions by intuition ... whatever comes to you immediately.
If you spend more than 2 seconds on the answer, leave it blank and move to the next question.
1. You run into a friend who has just chopped off all her long hair (or suddenly has an Afro). What do you say?

Oh my goodness, you've changed your hairstyle!

2. You walk by a well dressed man with manicured hands who smells like a gin martini. He asks you for money. What do you do?

Say "hell no!" and keep walking, probably a bit faster.

3. Your brother or sister or best friend falls madly in love with someone you think is a jerk. What do you do?

Keep my big mouth shut. And be there to support them when they figure it out for themselves.

4. You get a terrible present from your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. Do you let it show?

I would try reeeeaaaalllly hard not to let it show. But I've been told I do not and never shall possess a "pokerface". Ah the curse of being full of expression!

5. Who's your favorite Beatle?

John Lennon. Because he wore glasses. And wrote my favorite Beatles' songs.

6. You walk by a disheveled man wearing soiled & tattered clothes. He politely asks you for money. What do you do?

Smile, make eye contact and say "sorry, no cash" and move on.

6. Skinny Elvis or Fat Elvis?

Skinny Elvis, hubba hubba. Especially in Jailhouse Rock!

Good job! Thanks!
Next, go find an outrageous picture of your Elvis on the net and post it at the bottom of your answers. Be sure to give credit to the photographer.
(Give yourself bonus points for velvet).
This picture is from the front of a calendar, which says from the "Weirtheimer Collection", doesn't specify the photographer unfortunately. It isn't at all outrageous, but it is beautiful.
For a little bit more out on the outrageous side, how about the former prime minister of Japan visiting Graceland last year (with Shrub in the background). Found the image at Extreme Mortman, photo cred to: Getty images.


angela said...

great find on the pics, i love those gold glasses :D

Arty Lady's blog said...

I agree with all your answers!

swampgrrl said...

shoot, grrl! i'm howling over here from that photograph of goldie and shrub!!!