Friday, February 09, 2007

New music

While I prepare to paint yet another room (hooray!), I'm listening to a great new cd from The Shins, "Wincing the Night Away"(great title huh?!) . I bought it yesterday on the advice of my teenager (hee hee, I like sharing music with him, but he doesn't like it, I keep telling him he's lucky to have a mom that likes cool music!) Anyways, check out the album cover art. Doesn't it look like some involved doodles your art school friend would do during calculus class in college? I'm quite taken with it, and it goes really well with the music, which is just awesome! The music is a wild cross between psychedelic, pop, and prog-rock. Very cool stuff. Highly recommended!

Another cool one that I stole from my kid is Gnarls Barkley, "St. Elsewhere". I had heard the single "Crazy" of course (hard to avoid on the radio!). But then on listening to the whole cd, I was really impressed with this music. A kind of Al Green sounding vocalist with really inspired beats and tuneful songs. Not just hip hop blahblah stuff, real music. And a cover of the Violent Femmes"Gone Daddy Gone" which might just might surpass the original.
Anyways, that is what I'm listening to, how about you?!

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