Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Black and White vs. Colour

For the self portrait challenge this month it is all black and white all the time.
Which do you like better? The black and white version or the colour version? This is me petting a cactus (kidding!) in Sedona at Dara's old house back in 2005. The only black thing in the color photo is my pants, and the only white things are my shoes and the stepping stone. But there are soooo many other colours in this photo, the purple of the cactus, the green of the house, the grass, the scrub, the mountain tops, the orange of my top, the red of the cliffs, the pink of the sidewalk and the cactus and the cliffs. It is interesting to me to see the impact colour has on this image. It also has a big impact on how I store my memories, I can really remember the cactus now that I see it in living color. I can almost feel those prickly sharp spines near my hand again. But if it was just seeing a black white version of the photo, I don't think that visceral memory would be available to me now, in this present.
So I admit it, I'm a colour addict. I need colour. It feeds me. In a very deep way. This month is going to be very challenging.


turquoise cro said...

YES! I LOVE the colour one much better, it has so much more PIZZZZAAAZZZ! Look at that purple, it's so peaceful looking!

Jeremy Stockwell said...

I guess that's why the "C" in SPC stands for "challenge." Some photos work better as black and white, others work better in full color.