Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Black & White Take 3

Another black and white for the Self Portrait Challenge this month.
The white in my hair is a mixture of grey hair, and also white ceiling paint. The paint is now gone, the grey is still there. I am considering dyeing my hair once more. But if you ask me tomorrow, I'll deny any such questioning of my choice to forgo hair dyeing.
The white on my face is this Sally Hansen's crap that melts hair and makes my face numb for days. Think that may be connected somehow, hmmmm?
Suppose I ought to do something else for the patented old Sicilian lady mustache and beard?!
The wall behind me is no longer white. It is now cottage white thankyouverymuch. After a very long week of painting we are calling it done and the carpet is getting installed tomorrow. Hooray and hoorah! Stay tuned for some more colourful pictures, wait til' you gettaload of this!

1 comment:

Jaye said...

Love the self portrait. Very intense looking. B&W is YOU (though I do like you in living color as well).