Friday, February 02, 2007

The Books of January

Here are the books that I read in January, most from the library (I love the library!) since our books are boxed up and in storage during the home construction:

First up, Anansi Boys. The brilliant Neil Gaiman comes up with another good tale, with characters you would love to meet, what an imagination this man has. This is one of my favorite recent reads, I just didn't want it to be over. I really hope he writes a sequel or another story in the world he created in this novel.
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Then, here is a book, well journal really, or datebook, well, it is hard to quantify. I'm using it as my write a sentence summarizing each day journal. And I'm also trying to understand more about the whole astrology gig, and this has lots of info on that subject. Plus, very cool artworks, poetry, etc.

This book was actually a holiday gift that I gave my youngest son, mainly purchased since the cover was shiny and very interesting. I'll admit it! It is written for grades 6-9, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Very well written, and such a fun take on fairytales that we've all told and been told many times. Mix that all up with a misfit story, and you're good to go. Kind of like a "Wicked" for a younger age group.

Another very steamy read from Laurell K. Hamilton. I've liked some of her other books better.

Ooooh, this one is fun! A follow-on story to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer, set in the far future, with another slayer, Meleaka Fray. I know it is a comic book, but I'm counting it, since it cost me big bucks (for a comic book, sheesh!).

Another visual universe that I didn't want to leave was Joss Whedon's Serenity, the short-lived, but much loved sci-fi/western tv show. This much too short book shows what happened after we left the story...I hear there will be more of these, which is good, I'll be buying them. The artwork in them are very good, especially the whole page character renderings.
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A book I've been meaning to read for a while, by Starhawk. Set in a near future California, almost a post-apocalyptic kinda setup. Very good story, engaging characters. Interesting takes on what could happen in the future. But I found the novel's pacing to be ruined by political rantings. Fifth Sacred Thing, The

I've put off reading this book for a while, but finally got around to it. And I'm glad I did. I thought it would be just too sad, and it really, truly wasn't. I felt uplifted at the end, by this tale of murder's aftermath from the point of view of the victim looking down from her heaven on those she's left behind. Thinking about the idea of each person having their own version of heaven is really an intriguing prospect. hmmmm.

I originally got this gigantic book out of the library just for the pretty pictures. I thought they'd cheer me up in the doldrums of winter, looking at beautiful gardens. You know, kind of like garden porn! But then I started reading, and wow, was this ever an interesting book. The authors divide up the world into areas/types of gardens, give the history of gardening in the large regions, show pictures of traditional or famous gardens. The usual. But then the innovative thing is they give examples of how you, the home gardener can bring elements of these fabulous garden creations down to earth to take root in your own garden. I'll be checking this one out again.
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Sacred Suzie said...

Your love of the written word shines through here, as does your passion for nature which is wonderful to see. I was so sad about Firely too, I didn't realize they had a book out there, good for Joss! I can't wait to see what he does with the Wonder Woman story, if anyone can do it justice he can.

Blessed Imbolc to you Julie!

Laume said...

1.I loved the characters in Anansi Boys too!
2. If you're doing writing prompts, stay tuned for my new Wordplay blog....
3. I'll have to be on the look out for the Witch's Boy
4.I think Narcissus in Chains was sort of in the middle of what I think of as her "plotless" books. I still like to read them, but I was sort of annoyed at the lack of story to go along with the great characters.
5. Fray and 6. Serenity - I just stumbled upon a website that said they are also going to come out with a Buffy comic/anime sort of series. I didn't realize they had Serenity out yet. I might have to find one. There's something so appealing about the artwork. I was never a huge comic book fan as a kid, but it draws me in now.
7. The Fifth Sacred Thing - I've got this one, haven't read it yet
8. The Lovely Bones - yep, my take on it exactly. I cried through a lot of it, felt uplifted at the end.
9. The World of Garden Design - did you know this book is published by the same folks that do the Garden Design magazine - you might look into it if you liked the book. I can't remember if it's monthly or bi-monthly.