Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Visiting Trinity Church

Trinity Church Steeple, for a long time this was the tallest thing on Manhattan island, but all the surrounding building were eventually much taller. At least some of them tried to echo some of the design elements of this really old church.

The Trinity Root sculpture is the first thing we saw in the churchyard.

Trinity Root explanation, the statue is cast from the actual root of a tree that was in St. Paul's Chapel churchyard, destroyed by debris on 9/11.

A beautiful quiet church inside, a real respite from the hustle bustle of Wall Street which is right outside.

The eagle lectern, I guess to signify the connection between the founding of the USA and Trinity Church.

A beautiful madonna and child, I always am drawn to this image and this particular one was too lovely to not take a picture of. I especially like the shadows in this picture.

Tomorrow I'll show you the cool stuff in the graveyard of Trinity.

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