Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Now that is Some Central Park

Ahhh, the beautiful and famous Central Park. What a fabulous place, I could have stayed here all day. The people were gathered doing all sorts of things, jump roping, dancing, drum playing, a big saxophone band, very exciting and fun. This fountain and its' stonework was really inspiring to me. Check out some of these detail shots. Applique' patterns perhaps anyone??

A bird catching a fish.

The curling bit at the top reminds me of the Elvish decorations in Lord of the Rings Trilogy movies...

I love the depth in these images, and all the grape imagery. All these images speak of BOUNTY, and Harvest and Abundance.

Bees, buzz, buzz. Oh, and a treat, someone left mini Hershey bars. No I didn't take one, just in case they were laced with some "big city" extra.

The details of this one are really excellent. The twigs in the nest stand out for me.

Then there were the flagpole toppers, more LOTR Elves at work? Would make an excellent "celtic bias" type of quilt design. I also was thinking of adapting it to a quilting design, if I ever actually plan anything ahead that is!

What's this? A gondola in the lake? Where are we? Venice all of a sudden?

Here is Sheep Meadow. I loved how open the view was from here, no buildings crowding in. It was fun to see all the real city folk playing. I told the boys that this seemed like all the apartment dweller's front lawn, where they can all hang out. We talked to one funny guy who was flying a kite on his bicycle. He would come up to the top of the rock hill we were on and then zoom down across the grass, getting his red dragon kite airborne. He had a boom box duct taped to the handlebars playing some good 80's hair rock (snerk). What a bonus rant we heard from him, about the cops not letting him doing his bike/kite flying without bugging him,etc. Pretty funny encounter.

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:-D eirdre said...

Julie - great photos - When KC and I were there for Christo's Gates we took some photo too - mine are covered in snow and green growth - it looks like they cleaned them up!
Here is a link to my bird photo.