Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Final Word

Geez mom, are you done taking pictures of gravestones yet??

A poem for Poetry Thursday inspired by the picture capturing the experience above.

The Final Word
by Julie Zaccone Stiller

How long do we have to stay here?
When will you be done?
Do you know we've been here forever?
Why does this take you so long?

As much time as it takes.
I'll be done when I'm done.
The people underneath us have been here closer to forever.
It takes me so long because I'm looking at the details.

Tick Tock
Time's Relative is Impatience
Slowing to our own tempo.
Moving to our own beat.

The Final Word is Mom's today
We'll leave when I'm done
Til' then you'll wait
At least until I'm gone....


jim said...

Okay, I laughed and laughed the moment the image appeared on my screen. What a fun, fun poem--just because it doesn't even try to conjole the children, and I love how it skates over the graveyard, too. What a terrific coupling of image and poem!

Deb R said...

Very cool, Julie! I even think the first two stanzas make a poem all on their own - a sort of asked-and-answered verse.

I'm loving all the photos you've taken on your trip. (The pear-faced angels are funny!)

Melly n David said...

Hey Julie! So neat to see you on my side of the country. I go to Manhattan so often that I forget to see it. Sad. So, thank you.