Thursday, July 27, 2006

Poetry Thursday

For Poetry Thursday this week, the emphasis is on food, poems about food, poems as food, whatever. The heat has addled my brain! Aieeee.

This feels a little like a potluck, this idea of everyone sharing food poems. Who will bring the Waldorf jello mold, shrimp aspic or candied yams? Will we have a good mix of food, or all dessert (not a tragedy in my book).


Here's my contribution to the PT table:

Celebratory Pizza

By Julie Zaccone Stiller

At Nine PM

Sun is down for good

Today, Hurrah! our

Inside Temperature

only reached eighty short degrees

No baking, steaming

or true cooking

has occured indoors

for, honestly

weeks now. (salads don't count do they?)

All blamed on the ready and believable excuse

"Too hot to cook."

It is all relative

though, this matter

of temperature

So to celebrate the

fog's welcome

return to our corner

of the sky.

Celebratory Pizza is in order tonight.


Jen Rouse said...

I hear ya! We've been lax in the cooking department as well in the heat and I miss it.

"Celebratory Pizza." I like it.

Tina With Wings said...

Yeah-ha! Celebratory Pizza is the best! :)

Dana said...

I shared a poem about butter. Probably not the best thing to contribute to the potluck! Pizza is a much better choice. ;)

Deb R said...

Julie, this rocks! What a perfect poem for this too-hot summer!

Dani said...

Lynn's butter could at least be used on the dinner rolls. No one is going to want my bland chicken breast at the potluck!

Great poem. Totally captured the "too hot to do anything" feeling.