Saturday, July 01, 2006

Latest work habits

Thought I'd show some in process pictures of how I've been working lately. I needed to get a piece ready for a California Fiber Artist's show entitled "Rhythm & Blues" that I'm participating in this month (ack it is July!). It will be at Gallery One in Petaluma, California from 7/24-9/3.

Blue Decisions

Second idea, happy with "background" but need that vaguely leaf shape elsewhere...

Third try, too much "pointing" attention to nowhere in this composition. Also the big block of light gingham is too much.

Adding in Buddha element as start of a focal point.

Final composition, focal point created, pointing at Buddha (hey notice me!).
Now to quilt it... luckily it isn't too big, just 24"w x 34"h.

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