Thursday, July 06, 2006

Letter H

Time for the letter H. in the Wordplay saunter through the alphabet.
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H is for:

Hungry It is time for lunch, I'm hungry. I am so much better at asking myself if I am really truly hungry, or if I am eating for other reasons. I am also much better at listening to myself when I am obviously hungry for something in particular. Why have a PBJ when you really want Tuna Salad right?

Hopeful With all of my obsessing about the state of the world, I really am a hopeful person. I believe in the humanity that almost all of us collectively share being a force for good overwhelming the small number of those who are humanity-deficient.

Helpful I get called this a lot. I try to be helpful when I can. These days I'm not much help physically, but I can give a lot of spiritual or emotional support. I'm also good at researching stuff, so I can help someone out with finding information.

Hurt I hate it when I get hurt physically or emotionally. I hate it when those I love experience the same. The mama bear in me comes out and does the protection routine.

House I love our little house. I wish it had one more bedroom though. I have always wanted a two story house (having been raised in the land of ranchhomes), and now I have one. But I still need that bay window so I can make a comfy reading spot. Someday, tralala.

Housewife Part of me really bristles at this term. I am most assuredly and enthusiastically my husband's wife, but I am not the wife of our house. Together we are responsible for the household, the physical structure and the people within. But since I am one, according to the rest of the world's definitions, and society says that isn't good enough, especially for a college educated woman who coulda been somebody. It is good enough for me, most days anyways, unless my alumni magazine has hit the mailbox recently. Some people would say they envy me. But then they haven't walked a step in my Crocs. But they can buy the Housewive's Tarot which I find hilarious!

Horrendous, Horrible, Hilarious words I use a lot.

Hives I'm very susceptible to getting these, especially after working outside in the gardens, or being really stressed.

Herbs, Horseradish, Hyacinth, Hydrangea, Hollyhock H Flowers and plants that I grow.

Hot Dog, Horseradish, Hoisin Beef, Hard Candy H Foods that I love to eat.

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