Thursday, July 06, 2006

Poetry Thursday

This week for Poetry Thursday, the emphasis is on dealing with intense personal experiences. Here is my offering for the week:

by Julie Zaccone Stiller

I bring you to the high bed

harried nurses provide scant sympathies

the needles cords and monitors

my terror at your helpless condition

the reason for all this drama

at the silence of your bleeding

of blessings received in disguise

A week ago, Tuesday, my son Alex fainted and fell on his face at summer camp. We ended up spending the day in the emergency room. That is what this poem is about.
He is fine now, except for the shiner that he has on one eye, now a fine lime/mulberry color.


kristen said...

boy. this totally hit me in my momspot. had me in tears. well done. and i'm SO glad that i's over. may it be a while before the next er visit...

jim said...

at the silence of your bleeding . . .

That gets to it. It brings me back to my own son at 3, tripping on our kitchen floor as he was carrying a bowl of ice cream. He had a wicked gash across his hand, and we took him to the emergency room. He was brave, fine, until they strapped him down to brace his arm for the stitching (he kept crying, "All done! All done!"). Now he's 17, has no memory of this awful event for his parents, except for one excellent scar.

Deb R said...

That made me get teary-eyed, Julie. I'm so glad Alex is feeling better.

(I like your H-list too, but I'm too lazy to type two verification words.)