Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday - Morning Drinks

For Self Portrait Tuesday we are to capture a sequence in time, so here is a montage of my morning routine of drinks. At least it is when I actually remember it all. Some mornings it is just water and coffee. But today I did the whole thing and captured it all on film (well digifilm anyways).

Chinese Herbs, very bitter, mixed with hot water.

Water in my favorite cup

Cafe au lait, 3/4 espresso, 1/4 milk.

Coffee need more coffee, usually two cups

Pineapple ginger green tea from Republic of Tea

needs honey

Pro Greens drink, yummy compared to the chinese herbs, tastes like green grass.


Debra said...

Pro Greens?? Huh?

I can't even drink Udwalla's SuperFood green drink (and it tastes like fruit juice) because of the color...

Jaye said...

I love the series of pictures. The closeups are wonderful. Nice to see something routine made into art.